16 Sep

Easy Ways to Waste Less Gas and Electric During Winter

Even if your house came with an ENERGY STAR rating, there are some easy things you can do to waste less gas and electric this upcoming winter and save...

31 Jul

Variable Speed Blowers

Until faced with purchasing a HVAC system, most people think of air conditioning or furnaces simply as providing cool or warm air. Not until we have brochures in hand...

25 Jul

Air Purification System Best Way to Clean Polluted Indiana Air

Health and Air Quality in Indiana Every day, we breathe in a small amount of pollutants and carcinogens. While the exposure gleaned any specific day may be nil, over...

30 Jun

Replace Your Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

You’ve done all the home diagnostics and had a service technician to the house. They deliver the bad news — it’s time to replace the air conditioner or heat...

16 Jun

Before You Call – A Few Simple Troubleshooting Tips Can Save You Money This Summer

No cool air coming from your system? Before you call, here are a few simple troubleshooting tips that can save you money and keep you cool this summer.

27 May

Programmable and Wi-Fi Thermostats

Let’s talk about the one piece of equipment most of us tend to ignore – the thermostat. Modern thermostats have advanced far beyond the wall dial you knew growing...

09 May

American Standard Accuclean™ Whole-Home Air Filtration System

Last month we wrote about how an air filtration system could help improve the air quality inside your home. In particular, newer homes are better insulated and more tightly-sealed....

26 Apr

Let’s Clear the Air: Air Filtration Systems for Your Home

Last month we talked about your HVAC system undergoing a spring cleaning for peak performance and effectiveness for the warmer months. Of course, warmer weather means opening windows to...

08 Apr

Maintenance Agreements (Energy Savings Plan): Are They Worth It?

Heating and cooling a home uses more energy, and costs more money than any other system in a home, easily comprising up to half of a month’s utility bill....

29 Mar

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Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to call Greenwood, Indiana home. We have a passion for serving our community by providing affordable and efficient heating and cooling solutions...

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