08 Apr

Maintenance Agreements (Energy Savings Plan): Are They Worth It?

Heating and cooling a home uses more energy, and costs more money than any other system in a home, easily comprising up to half of a month’s utility bill. Maintaining the HVAC becomes important for any homeowner as a clean HVAC unit operates more efficiently and saves money on utility bills.

If you are energy-saving conscious, you need a good plan. A comprehensive home energy conservation plan will involve practicing energy-conserving behaviors, purchasing energy efficiency appliances, and annual maintenance of home systems for immediate and long-term savings.

Most HVAC manufacturers suggest a yearly service to equipment to keep your home system in top running form. Energy Savings Plans (ESP) are maintenance agreements that available through authorized HVAC dealers and service providers. The typical ESP will include a semi-annual checkup and tune-up: for the heating system at the start of the winter and air conditioning system before in the spring. Parts and service for problems found during those checkups may be included, and some even will include emergency service.

There are three main reasons a homeowner may purchase an ESP:

• to perform preventive maintenance;
• to get priority service if you have a breakdown (though not included in every company’s ESP); and
• to insure against the costs of sizable repairs (to the extent that repair costs are covered).


Is the Cost of an ESP Worth It?

Yes, preventive maintenance really is worth the money.

Think of an ESP as akin to an extended warranty like you might purchase for a new computer, appliance, or car. If you take advantage of regular check-ups, the annual cost may seem high at first but worth the expense when something goes wrong. In addition, the lifespan of the system is extended, saving you money in the long run.
Beyond cost, consider your ability and comfort level with performing some of the steps of annual maintenance? Or the age of the system? Older systems require more attention, and the likelihood of more serious repairs may be needed. Of course, there are some elements of an HVAC system that hiring a qualified technician is a must (see our earlier post on air conditioning maintenance).
Hiring a qualified technician to inspect your system a few times per year means you can identify issues while they are still small and easy to fix.


The benefits of having a Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning ESP to service your heating and cooling system twice a year include:

• extends equipment life;
• reduces utility bills;
• small problems are identified and corrected before they cause a larger more costly issue, saving you time and money; and
• peace of mind knowing that your heating and cooling equipment will be operating at peak performance all year long.

Call Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn how our Energy Savings Plan can save you money.

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