Southern Indiana is notorious for unpredictable weather. One thing that you can count on, though, is that our winter weather will be dry. Dry air can have a number of effects, including causing dry skin and sinus irritation. It can also allow insect droppings, which are allergy triggers for many people, to dry out and enter your air supply indoors. Dry air indoors can also result in cracked furniture.

When Indoor Air Quality is low, many people assume that simply cleaning the ducts will solve the problem, but this is only a temporary fix. If the ducts are cleaned, the mold or dust will go away temporarily. High levels of humidity or poor filtration will inevitably cause these issues to return if the root of the problem is not addressed. Finding the source is the first stop in solving a problem with your Indoor Air Quality. The professional and reliable team at Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning can assess the Indoor Air Quality in your home or business, and customize a solution to meet your needs.

Whole-Home Humidifiers Stop Poor Indoor Air Quality at the Source

Stop poor Indoor Air Quality at the source by eliminating air pollutants before they enter your home or office. Whole-home humidifier systems from Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning help stop the problems before they start! When humidity levels are maintained properly, not only is the indoor air quality more comfortable, harmful contaminants such as mold, bacteria, mildew, and viruses are kept from forming.

If your home is too dry, as is so common during our Southern Indiana winters, call the Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning humidifier installation and repair experts. We are proud to offer a full line of American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning whole-home humidifiers to add moisture to dry indoor air, making it more comfortable and reducing indoor allergens.


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