New Furnaces

With efficient gas and oil options, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning furnaces keep your home as warm and cozy as you need it, without burning through your wallet. Call 317-889-4360 for prices and installation questions!

We offer many options when choosing heating for your home:

Gas Furnaces – These furnaces are designed with the highest level of durability and reliability to ensure they deliver maximum comfort all year round. We offer High Efficiency units, which are designed to save you money on your energy bills.

Heat Pumps – New advancements in heat pump technology is much more efficiency than units built in the past. Ask about the benefits of High Efficiency heat pumps.

Hybrid Heating – Heat with both gas and electric and save 40% or more on your heating bill. PATRIOT is the premier hybrid specialists in central Indiana.

Stay warm and toasty during the cold months! If you ever need emergency service, our professionally trained heating technicians will examine the entire system, find the problem, and get you back up and running!

Is your System Sized Properly?

When it starts to get really warm or really cold the largest portion of your utility bill is coming from your furnace or air conditioner. As your furnace or air conditioner gets older, its efficiency of heating and cooling your home or work reduces. This decrease in efficiency leads to an increase on your energy bills.

It is extremely important to have your new furnace and air conditioning system properly sized for your home. Often times, people believe “bigger is better” when shopping for a furnace and air conditioning system. This is never the case. At PATRIOT, we carefully take into account the size of the space you need cooled, your lifestyle habits, and other specific needs. We want to ensure you’re getting the right system and best value in total indoor comfort.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your system?

The dramatic increases in natural gas prices have been making your heating bills soar. By replacing your older system, which is very costly and inefficient to operate, you can avoid the high heating bills. Some gas furnaces over 15 years old can drain the money right out of your pocket, wasting up to 45% of the heat they generate.

We use top of the line high-efficiency equipment, designed to save you money on high-energy costs. We are able to help you make an educated decision whether to repair or replace your system.

As with our cooling systems, you will be able to receive a free of charge estimate for a new heating system.