Fall Is the Right Time for Heater Maintenance

Most Franklin,  IN, homeowners know that annual heater maintenance keeps heater warranties valid. Heating tune-ups deliver other benefits as well. Here’s what you can expect when you give your heating system the care it requires for optimal health and performance.

Slash Winter Power Bills

A heater cannot be efficient without an annual cleaning provided by a qualified service technician. Without it, the unit will soon become coated with a thick layer of grime. The more extensive the grime, the more energy a heater requires to provide your preferred level of indoor comfort.

Having to push through all the dirt makes the heater overwork, uses more energy, costs you more money, and reduces the service life of the unit. Fortunately, just one good cleaning performed by a qualified service technician is enough to cut energy costs significantly.

Eliminate System Blockages

A layer of dirt inside the heater can prevent the unobstructed flow of treated air. The condensate drain line, for example, can easily become blocked with sludge when it’s not flushed out during maintenance visits. If the line is blocked, moisture can collect in the drain pan, back up into the house, and cause serious damage.

Banish Dirty Air Filters

Operating a heater with a clogged filter is a death sentence for the heater. Airflow will be severely restricted, and the damages can be profound. Regular filter changes help to ensure that airflow remains unobstructed. One filter change can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.

Although filters are replaced during maintenance, homeowners should replace them as needed. Dirty filters can cause a heater’s motor to burn out. Most heater burnout is caused by poor maintenance and insufficient lubrication of the fan motor.

At Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning LLC, we’ll keep your heating system as strong as a lion and purring like a cat.

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