How to Hire a Good HVAC Specialist

As expensive as heating and air conditioning systems are, you do not want to hire an HVAC specialist who will require a call back to fix poor work. There are many ways to find a good HVAC specialist, however, and plenty of reasons why you would want to find one to work on your heating and air conditioning system as opposed to a handyman.

Where do you find a good hvac specialist?

Finding an HVAC specialist is not difficult. An online search will likely reveal several HVAC companies in your area. The difficulty, therefore, lies not in finding an HVAC specialist but in finding out whether you should hire them.

Fortunately, it is just as easy to find information and reviews about local HVAC companies by typing in the right keywords into a search engine. After you’ve identified HVAC companies in your area, simply search the company name and the term “reviews.” Websites such as Google, Yelp, and Bing all provide features where users can rate and comment on their past experience with companies. Mobile apps like Siri likewise provide search features, which will bring up reviews. Social media channels also provide space for people to review businesses. Popular social media channels for businesses include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Although online reviews are easy and always available, they are not your only option for finding a good HVAC specialist. Your real-life social network is just as valuable. Finding an HVAC specialist by word-of-mouth can provide emotional assurance that whatever HVAC specialist your neighbor/family member/business partner knows is truly reputable. You might also learn about professionals who lack an online presence.

What are notable qualities of an hvac specialist?

As opposed to a general contractor or a handyman, HVAC specialists have the training and certifications required to work on furnace, ventilation, and air conditioner systems. These are not simple systems, and it is better to hire someone who is familiar with their complex design in order to decrease the likelihood of mistakes.

Depending on state or local municipal laws (such as these in Indianapolis), a person must have a minimum of two to five years on-the-job experience or training on HVAC systems before they receive a work license. Such long training periods are required because HVAC technicians work with components as electrical wiring, combustion systems — errors with which can cause fires or produce deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

When looking at HVAC candidates, therefore, make sure you ask questions about their license. Also ask for: proof of insurance, references, and their experience with the HVAC system brand in question you are having difficulty with. You will furthermore want to ask for a copy of any estimates the specialist will provide you. Asking for such things will provide you a good sense of whether an HVAC company is up-to-par professionally and can help you make a sound decision.

Installing an HVAC system is complicated, and finding the right HVAC technician is crucial to maintaining your home. In the long run, it is crucial to keeping money in your wallet, as well. For year-round comfort and the highest level of customer service, contact Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning. We have more than 25 years of HVAC, and we have the credentials and credibility you can trust.

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