Removing Airborne Particulate Matter from Indoor Spaces

Few things affect your home’s air quality more dramatically than particulate matter, yet this hazard is often overlooked and poorly understood. Fortunately, a little knowledge and a few simple HVAC upgrades can help make your Franklin, IN, home a healthy, particulate-free zone.

The Perils of Household Particulate Matter

Particulate matter, also called particle pollution, encompasses a wide range of particles small enough to remain suspended in the air. Common examples include dust, dust mite debris, dander, pollen, smoke, combustion byproducts, spores, and various other solids and liquids. Many of these particulates are exceedingly small, measuring less than a few microns in width. Consequently, they can slip through most HVAC filters and even travel deep into the body when inhaled, potentially causing serious adverse health effects.

How Whole-Home Air Purifiers Neutralize Particle Pollution

While conventional air filters aren’t much help against these tiny airborne invaders, whole-home air purifiers are a different story. These systems are purpose-built to trap even the most evasive pollutants, including particles as small as 0.3 microns. The American Standard AccuClean Whole-Home Air Cleaner, for instance, is certified to remove an extraordinary 99.98% of particulate matter. It combines a state-of-the-art design with patented technology that electrostatically charges incoming particles. These charged particles are strongly attracted to the air cleaner’s media filter, significantly increasing its efficiency without disrupting airflow.

Whole-Home Ventilators Enhance Comfort and Wellness

The right air filtration system can virtually eliminate most harmful particulates, but that’s only part of the indoor air quality puzzle. In the quest for greater energy efficiency, modern homes increasingly favor airtight designs over proper ventilation. This effectively seals in airborne particles, resulting in lower air quality and poorer overall comfort. To solve this problem, whole-house ventilators actively exchange particulate-laden indoor air with fresh, clean air from the outdoors. In addition to mitigating particle pollution, this can also help control odors and maintain optimal humidity levels.

If you suspect your home may have a problem with particulate matter, don’t delay any longer. Call Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning LLC for professionally installed whole-home ventilators, air purifiers, and other high-performance indoor air quality solutions.

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