Why Does My Furnace Stink in Whiteland, IN ?

While some signs of furnace decline and malfunction are subtle, others are clear. Strange odors coming from your furnace indicate that something is wrong, but you may not know exactly what any given odor means. Here’s some information about why the furnace in your Whiteland, IN home stinks and what these odors points to.

Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

Let’s begin with an especially jarring and awful smell. If you suddenly smell sulfur or rotten eggs coming from your furnace, it usually means that a pipe that feeds gas to the appliance has broken somewhere, causing gas to leak into your home.

This is extremely dangerous because a high enough concentration of gas in your home, together with the presence of some kind of flame or spark, can cause a fire. Turn off your furnace, hit its shutoff valve and request repair service from a professional technician as soon as possible if you notice this stench.

Burning Dust or Dirt

Since you haven’t been using your furnace during the warmer months, it’s normal for lots of dirt to have gathered on and inside of it during that time. So, when you switch on the unit for the first time in winter, the smell of burning dust may fill the air. This smell is normal if it’s temporary.

If the odor persists, then debris is obstructing something in your furnace and preventing normal airflow and functioning. Old and dirty air filters, clogged valves, or a blocked intake system may all be possible causes. You can replace air filters on your own, but you’ll need professional maintenance and repair services to deal with the other problems.

Musty Odors

A damp, musty odor usually means that either water is sitting somewhere in your furnace where it shouldn’t be or that the unit is leaking. Turning up the furnace temporarily may solve the problem, but you also need to check your drain pan.

Trust your nose if it tells you that something is wrong with your furnace. Patriot Heating and Air Conditioning LLC to schedule furnace repair services in Whiteland, IN and the surrounding areas.

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